Monday, April 30, 2007

Weird Dreams

I do not know when I dream about this.. but the images keeps flashing back in my head, like a memory as if its ever. And in the old days... dreams do means something. And believe it or not... some people maintain this believe. Well, thats in the LunBawang communities.

What I dream about is that.... I sort of losing my hairs and decide to just totally shaved them. As far as my memory serve me right, the shortest hair I ever had is 1 inch during my University time, when I was a freshman and were asked to cut my hair short being in the cadet sort of program. Now... back to my dreams, I couldn't recall why I didn't use any mirror, but somehow, when I look at the result of my head shaving, I had shaved my right eyebrow in the process!!

You see, I had once shaved my eyebrows when I was a kid, maybe 7-10 years old. Its was the influence of too much Chinese TV drama.... and I was trying to have the Chinese upward pointy eyebrow, which.. you figure what the result could be!! Funny yeah?.. And I was sort of grounded for a week? or two until I grow my eyebrow back again before i can go to School. Thats how naughty I was! and don't deny it, its freaking hilarious! My sisters probably had the best laugh out of it.

Now, if you're have an idea or able to interpret dreams. I would love to hear it. My interpretation is that, I think too much about my cancer-fighting cousin who staying with me now. And somehow, I imagine myself in her shoe!!
Man...thats is freaking scary. My cousin is sure a fighter...
Although I keep saying to her, its alright.. its Ok.. keep fighting it... I honestly wouldn't be as strong as she...


Anonymous said...

what! you shaved your eyebrows!!!! That's freaking I have something to share about for our plan tommorow watching spiderman 3 - haha..gotcha buddy!

on a more serious note, the dream doesn't mean a thing to me. It was the reflect of ur worries over your cousin, and having seen her everday make the brain digest it that in one of the night it come through your dream....sound like dream interpretor? bet me

Musa said...

You! never want to miss the opportunity to make fun of your buddy! I'll find something to get you back.

ah.. you just voice my though.. never consider a dream to mean anything.. just recently.. too much spending time with my cousin mom who talks about "supernatural" things in the past. lol

thanks anyway

Anonymous said...

yes i can recalled that when she told the storo about 'dua ada - kalau using ngekang ke nari, jadi ada rayeh kalau na nekeli nai butung dih netemui'..exactly..she has a lot to say lah on this ghostly story...scary and so unreal to

Musa said...

that was one of the many stories she told me. there were ways she said about how to see ghost living among us...others' people stories she heard of.. lots and lots more!!! exhausted! I could probably write a Thesis on the subject. hahaha


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