Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pot Bless Saturday Dinner

Last Saturday, we had a pot bless (pot luck) dinner at the Yen's Family house to celebrate Hiromi visit! Hiromi is our Japanese friend who was here for a short holiday, so we trow a pot bless dinner@party for her. We had, mexican pasta, Tandori Chicken, Dim sum, fried noodle (my pot bless contribution), Chicken emperor something. and have lots of pastry for desert! Jun Ho prepared this Chicken emperor for 3 hours by himself! Very impressive yea?! Its really delicious too.

The top picture is where we have a cakes for 3-in-1 celebration, Hiromi Visit, Wyn's birthday and Michael's Scholarship award! Everything does count... Giving thanks for every blessing.. got to remember that yea... not only in time of needs and desperation that we remember Him. The cakes looks simple... but its really tasty! Winnie baked that herself!.. man... This pot luck is sure a best way to show of your cooking talent yea. *wink* by the way, Its my sister's maid who prepared my pot bless fried noodle! I'm sure no one will eat it if I did prepared it myself. Hehehe

This Sunday will be the first time that we are going to use the new place Wisma Chinese Chambers, this is soo exciting as it is also the celebration of Easter Sunday! Remember to come yeah! more foods!!! yay... sooo much blessing!

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