Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Congratulation Abby!

Here's our pretty Abigail Lynn Nelson picture that I cut and paste from her father's blog- my beloved pastor Todd, without permission. Hehehe... Pastor, dont sue me yea. hehehe

Abigail @Abby is graduating this year. And she graduated with Super impressive flying color. She scored 2100 in her SAT test with "4 point something" GPA. I don't know about you, 4 point is the perfect/full score that I know and.. if its 4 point something... man, she's above the full score. Yay! how clever is that?

She's planning to further her studies at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL is August. So people, give her full support yea. She's the kindest down to earth girl that everybody just going to love.

I asked Sara (Abby's sister) once, whether she'll miss her sister when she'll be away in August, and surprisingly, she said she won't. She told me that she used to not having her around a lot.. being active in sports and the band that keeps her going places! how cool is that? Anyway, I know Sara and her parent will miss her dearly... I know we will. I remembered, my parent were very decline if I ask their permission to go somewhere which involves traveling and staying overnight.

There was one time, when I planned to stay in the dormitory in secondary school, after 10 minutes looking at the sight of the dormitory, they quickly changed their decision of letting me stay in the dorm! being the youngest have its owned disadvantage of having super protective parent! hahaha... I wish I'm more wild and rebellious kid, but than again... I thank my parent for taking me back home with them instead of staying in the dorm. *grin*

Here's pastor Todd, perfect happy wonderful family. Again, picture cut and paste from pastor Todd's blog without permission... hehehe

And the following picture is mine.. Abby making funny faces, with May Lee posing her cutie smile!

My dear dear reader/bloggers/visitors, give your love to our Abby and say your well-wishers in her father's blog! ok? She'll love that.




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