Friday, March 30, 2007

Lunch with Nate Berkus and Oprah

Today, like the past couple of days, I took my lunch in the office and had TV celebrities to company me. And Today, my lunch date are Nate Berkus and Oprah *wink*

For some reason, after I finished my lunched, I start to investigate more about the fellow to know more than that I already know. For bits and pieces from our blogsphere, webs and wikipedia, He's basically the most successful young designer. Its no wonder he's been a regular guest on Oprah talk show. His mind is full of creative beautiful amazing ideas of how to make your home looks absolutely fantastic in a short time within your budget! Gosh, how I want my own Nate Berkus to re-design my place!

By the way... isn't he has the most cutest and pleasant smile?.. I mean the cat!
Just kidding!

On other note, I just wont a battle in Battle of the blogs!! YAY!.. A big THANK YOU so much for my fellow American and Canadian Bloggers for Votting for me... Thank you! Thank you! I think, this is my first time winning a battle... winning is sooo much fun! I'm so used to being loss in this Battle of the blog... and this winning makes me feelings wooopy and giddy.. hehehe


Johnny Ong said...

congrats on winning that challenge

Musa said...

Thanks Johnny!


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