Monday, April 23, 2007

Blasted Weekend!

Last Friday, I had a great fun time with my fellow "church-goers" friends! yes... my friends. Being part of a "church-goers" people are so much fun! we tease each other and making fool with one another. Some how, the most embarrassing question was asked by someone who is unlikely saying stuff like "So, you are virgin?" question!! hahaha... seriously.. We "church-goers" are crazy and yet fun bunch of people. No matter how hard or how terrible our jokes are.. we just loves the company of each other! This is a blessing I wouldn't forget to say in my prayer. For more pictures... visit my hilarious buddy and the "clown" among our clan dalantau!..

A blasted weeding picture will be posted soon.. Its really a blast!.. we all dance!!!! no name for that dance... just a happy silly dance for a wonderful moment! glad being part of it.

If you noticed, there's a new banner on the left. It was created for me by Mr. Nicholas of

Although I have successfully upload the picture, I simply can't find a way to link this banner back to my super kind people who help other people. If you have any tips to help me out here.. will very much appreciated. the link supposed to work as you click on the picture here... I tried to do it.. like trial and error method on the "edit HTML" function.. but It doesn't work! Arrhh.. soo frustrating!... I don't understand all this coding stuff.


TZ said...

dude, check your yahoo email. I just sent you some suggestion. Not sure this will work, no harm to try it out.

Let me know if this is working.

Cybie said...

Looks like the HTML code really works ^__^ Thanks for your support ya ;)

TZ said...

huh? I thot Musa faced the problem but Cybie reply .... confuse

Anyway, mission accomplished :->

Musa said...

thanks cybie!

thanks TZ!


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