Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy CNY! I'm bored

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!.. I thought its kinda late to wish, but when I received the CNY wishing sms from my Chinese friend, I guess its still not too late. I love the holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Less traffic Jam.. arrives unnecessary early to office, and lots of non-Malaysian look like at the Malls and streets. For a moment, I thought I wasn't in Kuala Lumpur.

Like yesterday, I was under this bridge on the way to the gym, sheltering from the rain, a middle eastern looks guy come up to me and chat with me! he said, " From where I come from, rain comes only 2 or 3 times a year". That must be a desert of sort. And he told me he's from Saudi Arabia and was on holiday. And , when I was in this gym Sauna, and I was yapping for accidentally sitting on a hot nails with my bare butt! this guy was laughing.. and he said, " thats why I wear underwear in here, its not good for your nuts!" -huh?- and he said "the heat is not good for our testicles. It may cause problem in our reproduction." in his funny English slang. He then told me that he's from Indonesia! And guess what.. he's here for holiday too! damn.. I need a HOLIDAY!! not just an ordinary holiday... Holiday that goes somewhere out of the country.

By the way, I did watched the Ghost Rider on Monday with my cousin-Nougles. If you asked me, Its was an OK ratting. Not that astounding good and not that boring. Just ok. I think, the review for a movie is very much depends on a personal basis. Like Mike said, its was all rubbish. The trailer were more interesting than the movie. LOL.. its like having your expectation meet and when your expectation are kinda high, after what you seen, it didn't meet your expectation, that when you said, Its rubbish. right Mike? I had this chat with Mike last Sunday after the sunday service. So sad that they are going back to UK this coming July for good (forever?). Man... His wife, Paula has the most angel like voice i ever hear beside Cheryl. These two laddies are like Darlene Zack in my own church. Well, July is still far away, right.. another 5 months away... oh bummer.

How my sunday school goes? Gosh.. I have no control of the class.. I can't persuade the boys to participate in class. Other than that... Its kinda easy to tell them story as long as you don't read the script. I'm telling you, you need lots and lots of patient with them. When they talk.. its kinda hard to follows what they're trying to say. a lots of "you know" words come out in a sentences. There were 5 kids in my class last Sunday; Natasha (my niece), Abigail, Christina, Nathan and Richard. Abigail is the most obedient and quite girl. while these four are the most talkative boss man in the class. They all talk all at once and I do not know which one to listen to. Although they're all soo cute, they're just like an ordinary high-sugar super-proactive kids. And I love them all so much! hehehe... I need to learn this kids songs.. Love it if they could sing with me... ;->


Anonymous said...

your entries sound interesting..your life could be interesting too...the lesson learnt...never ever naked in the locker just don't know what going to pierce your butts, nuts, banana (lol) hehe...eirrgh..scarrrrrrrry..and dirrrrrrrrrrty..

you know what could make ur life more fun? sell ursef at the street if anyone will buy you home..hehe...happy CNY..stupid suggestion..don't ever try that alone..hehe

Musa said...


The notice outside the sauna says.. wear loose towel only. And most people just wear towel with nothing underneath. How I know this? we all set bare naked on the bench, with folded towel on the front. the nails, which is part of the bench to join these woods together, its kinda hots sometimes.

Sell myself on the street to make my life interesting? er.. I dont get you this part. Sounds er.. forget it. Just Trust me, I wouldn't that.

Congrats on the perfect score dude! I did try it again, I still get the same score.. probably its the lowest score on their score sheet. lol


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