Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday is here!! I LUV FRIDAY!!!

YIPPEE!!! Friday is here!!!.. Hello Friday, I miss you terribly lah this week! ;->

I'm not going to gym today. Not that I don't want to go, just that... hehehe.. this is embarrassing, I'm out of sport socks and .. er.. underwear *smirk* I just sent my 1 week laundry today. Minus my socks and er.. underwear. I need to wash them on my own. I think, I need to do some shopping, just to have enuf supplies for 1 month? hahaha... that'll be 30 pairs of sport socks, 30 pairs of er.. underwear! you see, I only wear them once, so normally if I go to gym, I used 2 or 3 underwear a day! just to fulfill my comforts. And I pile them up for 1 month, than send it to laundry! hahahaha... sure someone pengsan punya

hem... what am I trying to write here?.. It sure wasn't about that. How on earth I go there? Man... I sounds like this untie babbling nonsense. Hahhaha..

Chinese Holiday is until Tuesday next week, so what my plan? na da.. soo boring. Well, I'll be teaching this Sunday for the 4 and 5 years old class. My topic is, "Jesus cares all kind of people- Jesus heal the blinds". So, we will do something with the eyes close! this will be fun! I hope my brother in-law (the ironman) come down for a visit from Johor this holiday.. or maybe, my friend Isaac from Penang come down to KL. So, Thats why I make no plan... Hoping someone come over for a visit! how convenient.

Other than that... I'll be having a lot of SLEEEPING! yippee!.. my favourite past time! hahaha.. Oh I want to watch this gost rider.. hope my movie buddy Joel could make it this time.


update at 4.45pm: Isaac and my bro. in-law is not coming down.. both working during CNY! Double bummer!


May said...

HEY HEY!! you must go sing sing with me one day ok!

Musa said...

yes! thats a must... hehehehe

Ryan said...

just lettin u know were back from daytona stop in 2 say hey!

Musa said...

Hey cutie Couple!

Welcome back!.. we miss you.019300


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