Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Valentine's day!

For those who had found their loss ribs or their spare ribs.. its a wonderful event. A day to celebrate and appreciate one another. But for those who still in search or choose to be happily alone (like myself).. its a reminder... of how desperately you need a mate!

Well, as I told a friend on messenger yesterday, I wish there's no such thing as valentine's day. So we (the pathetic singles) don't have to make plan to do something together. SO we don't feel like being left out! hahaha.. how pathetic is that? Anyway, aside for being pathetic, I honestly think its a good way to spend some good time with your friends. What does the other "single" guys doing out there on this very Valentine's day?

Gosh.. I don't know how many Valentine's day wishes I received today! Somehow, Valentine's day gives you a reason to SMS and keeping in touch with friends.. new and old... close and far. Its a wonder... Hey.. maybe this is a good reason for me to sms my nephew who has been isolated himself. I just hope he's doing alright. My hearts bits was abnormal fast when I press the "send" button. Don't know why...

I had plan for tonight, but... off all the wishes sms I received, I receive one bad new. My new movie buddy-Joel, just told me that his mom didn't give the green light! ouch... I suddenly realized he's still in his teen! Damn! and Henry, can't make it too! Double Bummer!.. He's going to Singapore and Going back to Indonesia tomorrow. So, he needs to do some preparations. oh bummer! What's my plan B? or Plan C? ..Oh yeah.. I don't have one. Hahaha...

Damn Valentine! why must I have plan and have something to do? Well, never mind.. Enjoy your.. whatever plan you sick couples out there are doing Today! just be careful not to get mug or something. Enjoy them while it last... Hehehe .. I sound like a some mad person who hate valentine so much! Well, don't blame me... I'm just being ...meany

I cant go to gym tonight... coz I purposely didnt bring my gear... lazy fat ass!


Silverfox said...

The general opinion in my camp is that valentines day is hyped and a commercial exercise that means businesses can exploit the soppy consumer. Don't worry - keep your head up. Be safe in the knowledge that being single is a much cheaper way to live! Ha ha. Oh and stalk all you wish - it's a compliment believe it or not! Jack

Musa said...

Hey Silverfox,

Hahaha.. thats so true. Probably thats the reason I prefer being single! And Thanks!


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