Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dalantau: Could Jesus Return at Any Moment? Luke 21:5-36

Post title Ramdom though
refers... and Dalantau's post title, Could Jesus return at any Moment?

I am very thankful for the existence of blogs and friends like dalantau. As I had the liberty to write whats in my head on the blog (include the silliest things) as I wont be able to speak them out freely all the time. Reading from dalatau's post on the last sermon was really helpful for me to put all the pieces of the message together. I thought I didn't listen, and feels guilty of it. But when I read from dalantau's post. I have this images in my head, like a flashback of the last sermon. You know, if its in a movie, we can see a flash back clearly as it just happened. I guess, I have to organize my hard drive for me to retrieve any files that I'm looking for. Just like dalantau.

The advice and suggestions that he presented are really practical. I should try it and apply them in my daily life. Alas nothing definitely change! Which Randy would say... "something so wrong about it". Now, you would ask, who is Randy? right? he was a member of our church, and an invited speaker for one of our CSI gathering. And somehow, what he said that day stick in my head. About it is ok being where you are right now, but not if you're still at the same spot in the future. I know I cant convey the massage as the original successfully, but I just "get it". If you know what I mean.

On other note, I successfully finished 2 satisfying class last night. I was practically wet from top to bottom with my own sweat. And the feeling is soo good! its totally insane.. I know. I am not very much a sport person back in school, even during my Uni. If I've known this great satisfying feeling over a good workout, I should have done it earlier. Well, better late than never right?

Guess what? Since it is holiday on Thursday, I purposely take the Friday off too! That means, I'll be having a long weekend right? Hehehe... I love holiday! And the funny part is, I ain't staying home! I'm going to Penang! Well, I'm planning to. that is, if there's bus ticket available for tonight. This "unplanned" trip just occurs last night. A gym buddy (TZ) who is stationed there for a month invited me to visit him during his stay there. And when I told him I'll be having this long weekend, He asked me to come down.. He had this long list of what we can do there. jungle tracking, botanical garden, beaches... the list goes on and on that it sounds soo good, I agreed on the spot! Crazy ay? Hehehehe... I don't care no more. I want to be spontaneous... I just hope everything work out. If not... that mean I be carrying my overnight back home tonight! Well, the plan is that, my trip will end on Saturday as I need to be back for my 'internship' program at church. And Our friend from Norway who went for a holiday in Langkawi will be back on that Saturday too! Well, I just hope the 2 days in Penang will be satisfying enough.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the practical compliments over my thoughts on our blog entry..hehe

so you are in Penang now? Have fun anak adi. Don't be naughty okay...indulgent in the moments!

Take care and God bless! ngirim tabi ki Isaac dai kudeng peh nari inan niat telefon neneh.

I am working today..kesian..hehe

Anonymous said...

alah...indulge in the moments lah bukan indulgent..hehe


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