Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ramdom Thought

This what runs in my thought last night, which keeps me awake before sleep take over. What do you think of a person who is a church goers, but don't hear 100% of the sermon? Not that he choose not to hear them, it just didn't stick in the head soon after. Its bad enough for me not be that proactive as apposed to Sunday school helpers (although they called it Sunday School Teacher, I See myself more as helper instead being a teacher). I feel bad for not being able to handle a class, seeing Jenni humbly cried out for more Teacher each week makes my hearts cried more. How can you say no to that? But I know my limitation...

Now, back to the main thing.. so what do you think? Is that how it goes for everyone else? or it just me? The only think I could recall of what last Sunday message was, to be alert and awakes?.. and the funny thing is, I remember this because, I was shocked when Pastor Todd clap his hands and said WAKE UP! (now.. thats a good way to bring me back from the never-land). This confirmed that I wasn't 100% listening. Its like he said.. Although, physically you're there.. but your heart is not. Thats make the whole thing pointless of being there. Physically, mind and heart have to be there... Thats soo true.. now I'll be one of those pretentious people who I detested. Physically there but the mind is in never-land and pretending to be taking it all in. Now I need someone to say WAKE UP! with the Clap.

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