Tuesday, February 06, 2007

53 hours in Penang

Yes my friends... I did make the trip to Penang! Whooa! I bought my midnight bus ticket right after work that Wednesday at Pudu Bus Station, than went straight to my friend's house to help him with the house moving. Than, heading straight again to Pudu Station right on time to catch my bus to Penang. I was told that it takes 5 hours to get to Penang, but by 4.15am, we were already reach the destination. TZ pick me up from the station around 5.10am and we head straight to Kristal Suites, where he's staying. I took a short nap and wake up again at 7am to have Penang style breakfast, the Char Kuey Teow and Chee Chung Fun. After that amazing breakfast, here's the list that we did;

1. Went up the Bendera Hill by super slow moving train. Loves this place.. very nice cold wind
2. visit the Penang famous and big buddish temple The Lok Gate Temple (not sure about the name).
3. Had 2 bowl of Penang Laksa for Lunch! Its super cheap and super delicious!
4. went around (as in one circle) Penang Island by car.
5. Stop by at a beach on the way.. cant remember what the place called, but we saw only indian. I called it Indian Beach. lol.
6. went up the hill to a fruits garden. we had fresh fruit juice and fruits rojak..yummy!
7. Stop at Feringi beach for a stroll. And stop at a sport shop and bought a shirt.
8. We had Baba & Nyonya style diner at this home style kinda restaurant.. cant remember the place called.

Thats the activities for that day, we went straight back in time to watch the Kyle XY tv series on TV3.

On the Second day, we decide to take the historical trail of the Penang City. We started of at the Fort Cornwell. Than, we visits all the other "historical" buildings.. like the St. Xavier Church, but sadly, It was closed. And the only place we can enter is the Temples! lol.. since TZ is a buddish, he explain to me all about it just like a tour guide. Hehehehe.. For lunch, we had Beef noodle soup. yummy!

There were lots of building that we went, and I can't remember any of their names now. I have it in the brochure at home thou.. hehehe... oh, one place I can't forget is the Peranakan Mansion. which the entry fees is RM10. Whats in there? stuff.. old stuff about the Baba and Nyonya. Its sort of boring stuff, with all this table wear/dishes for different occasion. There's even table wear during funeral! There were lots of chairs and dining table too. I guest these people eat all the time and sits all the time! lol... just joking k.. no hard feeling?

After we've end our Penang historical trail, we than decide to have a nice cold beer! Thank God for that... its was really hot, I saw TZ had sunburn, which he claim to be his new sun tan! We had our nice cold beer at TGI Friday in the Queensbay Mall. Later, we take a dip in the hotel's swimming pool where we spotted 2 young laddies were peeping on us from their hotel window! hahaha. Seriously... My body is irresistible! hahahahaha... its was soo funny, that we play along with the game.

After an hour soaking in the swimming pool, we decide to see the night life in the city! I had chicken and TZ had seafood for diner. To swallow it down, we had 3 jug of beer!! As to avoid being cough for DUI!, we went back to the hotel earlier as the night life in Penang City is just begin. We decide to checkout the bars around the hotel area that we dont need to drive. There were Feningan, and Bailey bar... but looks very empty that time. So, decide to go for this all Chinese speaking bar. We had a live performance by 4 young Chinese boys and girls. I was enjoying myself even thou I don't understand any of it. But one thing I notice that, one of the girl who was performing staring straight at me (or it was just in my under influence state mind) and dance seductively! TZ and I play along by imitated her dancing moves. We than went to bed at 3am!

By the time I woke up, we were freaking late that we just had to share the shower! taking turn showering, soaping, and brushing teeth! I didn't even have time to pack, just stuff everything without folding it in my bag. TZ was laughing his head out. Before we leave, TZ took one last time pleading for me to stay another day! how nice of him. but have to decline coz I need to be back in time for my "internship" training in the praise team. We were right on time, but the bus didn't move until 9.30am! How that 30 minute could be use for another one last Penang breakfast? instead of in the bus.

Well, thats it for my 53 hours time in Penang! sorry no pictures, coz I didnt bring camere!


Anonymous said...


ba gileg ku ninger cerita minih ko. sound very interesting and free (bebas), tapi kudeng perurum dih medueh lem. besipu diu lagi neh. ide meruh nih de feh leh? haha...tutu belen kinih ko...mecing isaac ke adang mekeneh ko nih ruen kai dueh ngaja..ngenait me nai ko...for the most abusive tease you ever had experienced....aloha

Musa said...


ngudeh yeh megileg leh?
Yes... I am very free spirit! hahaha...
perurum? ngudeh ko ba beken serawe? we didnt wash anyone... we take turn shower lah, did not take shower at the same time.. its like marathon, taking turn shower and shampoo-ing lah.

Most abusive tease? oh yeah? bring it on!... Aloha? whats with that Hawaiian greetings?


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