Thursday, January 04, 2007

Backhome part 3

These are my little nephew (William) and niece (Megan & Kelly) trying out the traditional music intruments. Will and Jared were very quick to follow the melody. I was very impressed!
These kelabit women were the musician that day. They're good.

here is my brother-in-law's father performing the tradional dance.. kelabit and lun bawang dance are the same I think... coz, the sounds were just the same. or, it just me who can't tell the difference? ;)

friends, relatives and friendly people were enjoying the foods.. Thank you soo much for coming!

That's thee rice in the middle. I have no idea how many one can eat those rice at once! looks soo many. I think I did my part pretty well.. er, distributing spoons does count right? hehehe

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