Monday, January 08, 2007

Back Home part 4

Can you see how much we LOVE DURIAN? See these following pictures of tasha eating durian... Its the cuter version of eating durian that I'm going to show you...

"Yeah! I LOVE Durian!"
The smells and taste of durian brings my memory back and makes me feeling stupidly homesick again. When I had a durian flo/ice cream yesterday with Jeff and the other friends from church.. I was transported back to my hometown. For a split of second, I thought I was back home again and having delicious durian for tea time! And I was aspecting to see familiar faces.. e-sut, e-bee, e-kit, langu... but, It was just in my head. I don't know how one's would response with such heartache and such longing feeling.


Some random pictures for fun.. Here is one of the Lun bawang traditional music played by e-sut. hehehe...
My father build a very tall house that one could make it as a batminton court. Here, Langu and e-sut- on the left, Keith and Jared-on the right, playing badminton in the living room! hahaha.. .. we had a big-double match between us, where keith and myself were rank number 5 out of 6 team! hahaha.. what can I say.. I like to smach! (disregarding the boundry)... hitting the badminton ball to one body is an act of Love.. hahaha... yeah.. sweet, sweet love!


kailiang said...

wah!!!!!! it's been a while since i'v been here.
how have u been my lunbawang friend!!! (hehe as if im not lunbawang myself)
your picture of home sweet home makes me miss my home as well
uih pian mulih!!!
met ulu mula keraja...

ps: dun laugh on my broken lunbawang..hehe

Musa said...

hehehe... Hai Kai,

No I'm not laughing at your broken LunBawang lah. Its my pity you laugh! man.. I'm bad! hehehe you know, being far away from your hometown and all.. and being homesick! that must be freaking suck! especially during these xmas & NY celebration. At least, I was back home during xmas eve! no worry dude.. concentrate on your "keraja".. ;p


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