Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Backhome part 2

Here are my Dad, my Mom, My untie, and my cousin's daughters taking a nap in the middle of our living room/hall... forget the room, forget the bed... when you're tired, give them a cushion... that will be enuf.. I heard my mom stay up until morning to cook the meat. I'm such a spoil kid for letting my mom to do all that... er.. don't aspect me to do it thou... ;p

This baby is my cousin's-daughter's-baby. that gives me the granps status! do you get that? I'm a grandfather uncle to this kid! Gosh.. I'm sooo OLD! Geez..
My sisters are eating Durian here...whilst everyone is busy doing things..., thats my nephew-Jonathan standing at the background. We call him Isut.. looks small in here. He actually kinda big. Close to my height.. er.. is thats mean I'm short? am I in deniel? ;p

Here is my uncle Dawat being our Chef that day, and I was co-chef. When it comes to cooking for huge quantity, the guys is needed more than the ladies. And my uncle is an expert in that area. Being a co-chef is more like cleaning the pot and fetching some ingrediant .. and stir the cooking of course! ;p.. very easy task.

Early morning, the actual day... the laddies are wrapping the rice in a leaves. Thats how us-the Lun Bawang prefer our rice to be. Thats my Dad in the background...

Thats all for today... tomorow, when I got the time.. I'll continue my posting!

By the way, Happy New Year! ;p

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