Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Airasia free ticket

My gym mate told me yesterday that there's free ticket offer by AirAsia again. And, The Star advertise the free ticket too! so, when I go online and tried to get myself a free ticket to Bintulu, its all come out like this. I repeatedly Refresh the window.. its all come out the same! how frustrating is that?

Yeah, its true.. they offers free ticket to go to Bintulu, but the return ticket price is rm99! and the cheapest that they have is rm49..isn't that rm99 is double charges? Its not a free ticket anyway. Whats the point getting a free ticket going and paying double for return ticket?

Moving my hands is a bit of struggle for me this morning. The BodyPump on monday, and BodyCombat + Bodystep last night has showned the effect this morning. Brushing my teeth had been taking soo much efforts! lifting is really painful! you just wish, you can just go lie back and not moving! I know.. I'm such a baby for taking these pain like a man should be. Not to mention my legs.. walking down and up the steps are really really painful! I decide not to go to gym tonight. I wanna go back early and sleep 8 hours ++ to rejuvinate myself and hope that these pain will go away when I wake tomorow...


Ryan said...

seems like they get u somehow nothing 4 free anymore. hope the pain went away!

Musa said...

Hi Ryan,
thanks for stopping by. Yeah, nothing is free.. there always a catch. Anyway, I didnt go to gym for 2 days now.. the pain got unbearable. But its getting better 2day. I think, I can do some workout tonight. ;)


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