Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Naughty Wednesday - dalantau on party mode

Here are pictures of Immanuel a.k.a dalantau bloggers is posing his cool move. I think, his perception of being Cool is by doing a peace hand gesture..

front peace pose

Ultraman pose?

Side-peace pose

Dancing -peace style
From these pictures, you must love my friend. He's so freaking funny and with just one sip of white wine.. He's on for party mode and peace dancing! hehehe.. with those added bling bling... stars and sparkles. he does looks more drunken than he was. hehehe


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh..that absolutely not me .. ... where did you take that pictures papparazzi! Give me the photos otherwise i sue you for crossing my privacy! My wife would kill me if she knows about this!

daren said...

Hahaha... your wife. you were divorced in less than 24 hours after you get married. ;p

I'm the best papparazzi in the world... You can't hide anything from me.. I know all about you. hahaha

Anonymous said...

haha...that picture is so funny. It shows the other side of nakal...haha..wel I hope you don't scold musa..I bet you will be thankful for his great work

Musa said...

Thanks Anonymous! you just make my day! ;p

Yeah.. Immanuel has many sides.. that why we loves him.

Don't worry, he wont scold me.. He loves me.. everybody loves me.. hahaha... ;p


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