Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mix thought

Have you ever feels that you have lots of things going on in your head, but you simply don't really want to blog about?... Well, maybe it just me.

Head issue 1.
I blame my sister Eliz for being too kind... As I was planning to buy the Hillsong United Concert Nov.24 ticket last Satuday, but didn't have the time to because I was too busy helping my sister's friend, sending her to the Police Station and Hospital, because her husband beat her up. I kinda feels like my sister is running a home-based women, kids and animal shelter. And I am her only voluntar worker! Not that I don't have the heart, just... I was told that sunday, the ticket is SOLD OUT! and I can't believe that I'm going to miss this!! only by miracle can change my fate... *i'm such a drama queen!*

*due special request, I have to strike this part
Head issue 2.
I'm in delima (is this english word?) of this issue. I have this mix off feeling... that I cant really understand.. its not something you can dismiss when it was laid out to you like that, right?.. And for causing this troublesome.. I blame May. You can assume May is a person, or just the month of may for all I care.. for the sake of my head.. lets refers May is a person.. and this person is female. Right... She initiate this game.. Its something like "truth or dare"... thingy. Right.. and I was being such a fools that time to "participate"! Oh man... how I wish the three mouseketeers appear much much earlier before I suddenly became the brave shameless guy? why didn't they turn up earlier?!! Gosh! such a wrong timing.

Now that "they" and "I" have the knowledge of such "supposed to be seal and shipped away tale" ..* which I doubts to be realised*... how would one "carried" themselves? Will it be the same again? yeah who am I kidding? I think I can go on the way I was before, but deep down..with such tale.. how you suppose to be? Should I follow the flow and leaving my self-made principle? or should I act as if I missunderstood the information like an innocent little boy.. *How I wish to be a little boy right now... and dont have to deal with it*... How? stand on with your self-made principle and be ignorant? I'm affraid of being a negative factor!... the bad cause... the reason of bad things happens... broken souls.. broken hearts... Lord, show me the way..

Head issue 3.
Financial! yeah.. news of the century! poor and mesirable. hahahaha... who don't face this problem? oh yeah.. the rich of course! why am so stupid!.. hahahaha... Jahua told me on the way to my place last sunday that, I have humor...*If I remember him correctly*... It just that I prefers to have something to laugh at, rather than having serious matters and gives you a real headache. Humors make me smile, its makes me laughs.. and forget my trouble(s). So yeah.. I have financial problem coz.. my income can't buy all the things that I wants.. who doesnt?. Hehehe.. simple right? Thank God for Humors.. Its a blessing to have it and have something silly you can smile at.. I wonder... does God has a great sense of humor? *knock*.. silly me.. of course He has... right guys?

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