Friday, November 10, 2006

Naughty Friday-My Housemates + a friend

Here are My housemate. Her Name is Jenifer and still single. hahaha.. why single? coz, she still a baby!
Here's my another housemate.. Irene. Also single... I think.
This is not my housemate. She is Jenifer's Officemate whom we call Makcik (Untie). Yeah.. too young to be call Makcik, dont know how we come up with that. I think, she's very shy girl.. but not around me! hehehe..

Yes.. I have 2 girls as my housemate. suprise? Nah.. use to have ladies in the house alot. Having 6 sisters.. its nothing. Besides... Guys do need some feminine touch around the house. The things that I miss doing when the girls not around is walking naked around the house. Hehehehe... dont ask me why...

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