Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CSI and Bachelor Party!

One of the single-couple in my CSI are getting married this coming December 2nd. And we are planning a bachelor party! Honestly, this is my first time ever celebrating this kind of thing. I heard and saw in the telly of what a bachelor party is, and its pretty much involves of renting a striper (ladies in skimpy or leather swim etire) and lots of lager/booze. But I don't think, this is the kind of party we are going to have. Besides, we can do it on our own way without confirming the way of "world" right?

Anyway, the girls are having a "han" something.. for Winnie (the pretty brides to be) on this Saturday. I heard something like.. lingeria shower? I can't remember what they called it. So, We-the guys will spend that saturday with Christian (the blushing groom to be). And last sunday, when I was having dinner with the threemouseketeers, and they pooling out ideas, and trying to think of something that Christian might enjoy. And me being just human, doubts that, without the booze... its going to be pretty dull! Man... I'm such a twat! well, of course I didn't say it, coz, they have these pretty amazing ideas. I hate myself for even thought about it.

Isn't that amazing? I would actually experience this american tradition "bachelor party"! I've only known Christian and Winnie since last April and yet, I feels that we've been growing up togather! I guess I'm bless! I am bless having such amazing friends. I thought that life was just the way it was.. But being in CSI have changes my life completely and making it more and more excitement. There won't be any week where I don't see CSI-members face. We constantly have something to do, and something to celebrates! even grief are shared. You could always find supports in CSI.

till here for now.. going for lunch. maybe continue later.... or not.

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