Thursday, June 29, 2006

Found lots of LBs bloggers community

First, it was Kai (Calvin according to Manuel), and then, Saran and from saran's links I found many more Lun Bawang (LB) blogger community! Wah... this is sooo cool. I think I've meet few of them while I did my Diploma back in Sarawak. Gosh.. Its seem like another part of life of me.. damn! that makes me feels old. hahaha.. I'm 27.. not that old..right?

At the Alpha Course yesterday, we learn about Why and how to pray. Which is very benefited me since I am kinda weak in that area. Hem... sounds like I keep saying that alot huh... yeah..well, I'm basically an "infant" in this area. Anyway, it does helps me when Nicky Gumble explain to us why we said what we said in our prayer. God, Thanks for yesterday evening. You teach me a brand new thing everyday. Thank you Lord! Oh.. and thank you for Elizabeth. She comes for the Alpha Course yesterday, where she only been a week in Malaysia. She got to know about it from The Bridge International website. Isn't that cool? She's pretty and nice. And she knows about the story about Prince Harry laugh on something which claim to be the Royal fart on my previos post. Seems like everyone in London knows this kind of stuff huh. And I bet, she must be suprise that we know that too huh. hehehe..


kailiang said...

Yeap i find that to be pretty cool as well, having lots of LB around!!! It's really fun using Lunbawang as a written language. Lolz... but I find sometimes that alphabets aren't adequate to represent the distict sounds in Lunbawang... like all the accent in our language...
And another thing... 27 surely isn't old... It's pretty early for you to have midlife crisis anyway.hehe...
And also, glad to hear that you are recovering from your stomach ache... avoid caffeine and soury stuff!!

Musa said...

Hi Kai..
Hows your Holiday back home? I bet you're having the a blast! did your dad start to.. you know, introduce you to a girl back home which he "approve" of? hehehe.. and you probably get the admiration looks like.. "That's Calvin, anak ei.. keceh neh..... who studies in UK!".. whoa... like that.. hehehe..
Yep yep.. I totaly agree with you.. Its very very complecated when its comes to our own language.. Its not like we're "si tengang" who deny his roots.. like that, its just difficult to spell it. Oh, Manuel admits to me yesterday that he's good at teaching LB. right wel?
Hahaha.. midlife crisis bud? of course no.. I'm alive and kicking! thanks for your advice.. I keep that in mind.. Cheers


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