Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My face have color?

"your face have colour today", that was the comment from the office today. Probably I looked abit pale yesterday. and yes, I do feel much better today. I forced myself to eat one plate of rice for diner yesterday and I feels ok.. no more dizy after meal and my stomach doesnt ache so much anymore. But I still have bleedings. My sisters asked me to do a whole medical check up, as soon as possible... I dont think that would be neccesary, the bleeding would be stop once I fully recovered... no.. I'm not scared to see the doctor.. I like doctors... just that.. you know... I dont like needles.. ;p That day, when I see the doctor, she asked me whether I want to have an injection, I said No, thank you. Not very fond of injection... and she just smile.. isnt that sweet?

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