Thursday, June 22, 2006

The royal fart?

Here are photos that I took from a fellow bloggers (bryanboy) which he posted about the British Royal picture farting (don't know the validity of the story) but still gave me a good laugh. look at the picture from top. observe the changes in their facial expression (especially the P. Harry)

Hahaha... I credit Prince Harry for staying cool. He just cant help it. Talking about fart, when I was discussing a proposal with my colleague yesterday, we heard a funny fart sound (its like a little fart being force out).. and she loudly asking, what sounds was that? Well, I know its my boss farting, because my colleague's table is next to the my boss office... I was trying really hard not to make any sounds when I was laughing my heads off... But once I point my finger at my boss office, telling my colleague that it was the boss fart,...that was it.. We just laugh our heads off...trying not to make any sounds without success.. with tears in my eyes!.. boss come out asking what so funny, and I just said nothing. Hahahaha... Gosh... don't simply fart around like that lah... go fart you heads of in the loo!


Ryan said...

i think harrys brother is got!

Musa said...

Got? you mean a goat? hehehe.. Ryan be nice... hey, I born on the Goat year.. we have something in comman than.. heehehe.. good way to see it. How I wish to be born in his shoes... yeah dream on musa... hahaha


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