Friday, June 30, 2006

Fantastic Friday=Frantasticday!

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Last night, we learn about Believing God can do what He says He can do. Eventually, we talks about the miracles, holly spirit and answered prayer that we have experiences in our lives. I share my personal experience in why He didn't answered my prayer and the reason of it. You see, when I heard the news about my late brother's accident at work. I prayed to Him for my brother safety . But eventually, my brother didn't make it, and I was devastated and presuming that He never listen to my prayer. On last Alpha wednesday, Nicky Gumble talks about prayer. And after he explain, why sometimes God didn't answer your prayer. And my mind come back to why He didn't answered my prayer.

Nicky Gumble explain, that God loves us soo much that sometimes, He didnt answered our prayer because He wants to protect us... that could be one of many reasons. And from this I come to understand why He didnt let my brother live. He loves my brother so much, that He didnt want to see him suffers. He don't want us, my family to suffer as well. Althought it meant that he have to be departed from us, but I know, my brother is happy up there with Him. Its seems like a simple explaination, but it touch me deeply knowing that He listen, He do listen to me... And in a way, I think, He was explaining to me Why He didnt do what I want Him to do... Thank you Lord for giving me understanding.

Yes, as you can see I added a little stuff on my blogg. At the bottom of my sidebar, you can see a list of movies I've been wanting to watched since earlier this year, and I strike the one that I already watched. Isnt that cool? maybe I should do a list of what I want to buy as well..hehehe.. that probably will be a very long list.. Yes, next on my list is Superman. Hope to watch it with my cinema buddy this weekend, since he sms me last night wanting to meet up this weekend. Hem... I've been thinking that I should do the medical check up thingy, since I'm still bleeding... I hope its nothing serious. Thanks Charle for bringing it in your prayer.

Have a good weekend yea all.. have a blast cheers and screams on the up cuming coming matches!


Anonymous said...

Hey Musa,

Anun bala? Thanks for dropping by in my blog. Your Apha things sounds interesting.
Keep it up!


Musa said...

Hi S.M.T, (Saran?)

Bala do. Yes, it is. in fact we have a weekend away this weekend at Bukit Bintang, hahaha... I know its very close. Nevertheless, it will be fun with all the program that they have plan for us. And we got to stay togather for the weekend in the hotel too.. how cool is that? hope you can join us someday. Cheers


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