Friday, March 27, 2009


This is the word used by one of my fellow colleague, when he express his disappointment towards a numbers of people that we are working with. The first time he asked me, "You know what is bully?".. the first thing that come to mind is SCHOOL. Isn't bullies only happened to students and a school problem?

What my fellow colleague (what do you call a person in the same profession but working for different Company?) disappointment towards these people was that they like and keeps making unnecessary fuss of everything or even nothing! Why that issues was never being raised or why it was never a problem back than? and suddenly it become "BIG" issues? These group has been making their present felt every time they were back on duty. Sometimes, I felt they are very childish complaining that we this, and we that, but where? where is the location? or who is the person? As if we were not working on the same site when they said these and that on their report.

Just for your information, these group of people have the privilege of only 28 days work, and 28 days on holiday. And compared to the majority of "us" which are on duty for 4 to 6 months and 3 weeks maximum holiday. Which means, we will see them 3 to four times having their holiday or so we call it to be "recharge" compared to "us" we still using the same old batteries.

Every time when this group arrived, our nice smooth and cheerful on going work will suddenly change. Its like the dark storm scrawling in the skies as they appear. And I have to keep this smiling face, and take every shit they trow at you. If you complains to their big boss, they'll see you as back stabbing or personnel attack. Which I suspect and believe that these people are the one that pursuing their personnel vendetta. Our moral and spirit getting down each day. Not even the encouraging words from their leaders heals these weaken spirits. What a "Keep up the good work" means? when in 1 hours time, once they received complains from these group and take it as it is, and ask "Why the f**k is this happening?". For crying out loud, are you so dumb to take all these complains like one big gulp of water? Ever heard the word "INVESTIGATE?". I for once felt like to trow up for such "pretentious" , unprofessional and acting on some people just so they can be seen. why don't just hire a band and play you a song every time you enter?

I am re-evaluating, and re-thinking of the additional month that they've requested me to stay on... I'm just tired and need a break from this .... I don't have a name to call it, maybe "shit" is most appropriate.

In the mean time, like a friend says.. I sigh and sigh and sigh day after day...


TZ said...

Dude... this is the reality life eh!... anyway, work is work don't affect your emo eh! :)

All the best to your work... See you soon!

Musa said...

my best is still not enough... ;p

sometimes, I cant tell a person is being sincere or not anymore. He said he'll support, and at the same time... he shoot you right in the head (not literally).


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