Tuesday, February 19, 2008

brief update

Hello blogsphere... its been ages since my last post here. And there's been a lot of "historical events" happened. Sorry for my passive posting... am just too lazy to write and when there's a long gap of not writing on blog.. those gap automatically just keep stretching and stretching and stretching.....

Ok, a brief update;

  • I am back in Kuala Lumpur now. Staying at my sister Elizabeth house at the moment.
  • I had Gallbladder removal surgery last two weeks, and I am on the road to recovery.
  • Will fly to Jakarta on the 29th February of everything goes as plan, which I need to collect my Visa in Singapore before I'm heading there. And what keeps me going to Singapore? is the document I need to present to the embassy.. so, I'm waiting and resting...

Well, if you're on my facebook, you would probably know whats going on...

Sorry for a lousy post... Facebook have more fun and responsive games application on them... which makes me lazy to write in here. ;p

till than, will update a decent one soon... or later hehehe


Jian said...

wow, wishing u good and fast recovered-ry there! probably u could blog bout how the surgery went? :)

May said...

i apologise for the drastic dissapearance. Tried calling you but Elizabeth said it was on the day of your surgery.

A speedy recovery to you and cheers towards your new venture.


TZ said...

Dude, we need your back to blogging community... i missed reading your blog ;-)


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