Friday, October 05, 2007

Unpdates- Phuket now!

Yes.. I am in Phuket now.. well, somewhere in Patong Beach actualy. And tomorrow will go to Phi Phi Island. Man.. I'm having really good time here... Today, I went to visit this place called the James Bond Island. took us 2 hours drive and another 30minutes by boat. Visited the Monkey Temple...Wel, from the name.. you know you'll find lots and lots of hungry monkeys there... The best part? eating of course! hahahaha had really nice seafood for lunch at 3.30pm! in this vilage on the sea... the Island.. the beach here is sooo beautiful! soo breathtaking. sorry no picture to share now. Maybe soon.

Man... eventhough I can use this computer and internet for free.. Its freaking hot in here. So, sorry cant wrote so much... my sweat is dripping from my head now... we're planning to look around later... you know.. the entertainment here is sooo many!! the food... nyum nyum! ok ok..wil update later.


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