Friday, October 05, 2007

3 hrs b4 Phi Phi Island

Sawadikap! and Good morning to all!

Its 10.11am here now. 3 hours before we heading to Phi Phi Island. From the tourist and local around here, its a very nice and beautiful place. Can't wait to be there.

Yesterday, something really bug me. As TZ and another 2 guys (Ian and Richard who is an Iris tourist) decide to check out the shows around here, the paradise complex area. Where the drag queen performing a lip singing dancing. Its was quite "interesting". But the only thing that really bug me.. or as Ian put it "traumatize" because a Thai girl (I think she is 100% a girl ;p) was trying to be the center of our attention. You know, instead of watching the show on stage... she "dance" in front of us like no body business... and She tried to touch my crouch a couple of times!! thats why Ian said its traumatizing! hahaha... Its really annoy me! She called you by touching your body.. than simply makes stupid jokes of you.. she is seriously looking for trouble. I just wanted to*)_&(*^*%&^$^%#$^&%(*&^)(*&%^*&%$*&^%(*!!!!!!!

Anyway, other than that.. the show was entertaining. I was looking forward to eat the Thai foods around here. Instead, you'll find western food on the menu. I asked one of the waiter last night when we had our dinner for a Thai sticky rice with mango.. but he said.. "they no have" and said they sell those in the market bazaar something. Mango is not seasonal fruit right? I was thinking it was the mango off season something like that. hahaha... will keep looking. My buddy here aren't dare to eat the Thai street foods. I was hoping to find the grasshopper BBQ .. but so far, ain't found any yet... Anyway, my buddy already make a great plan for snorkeling on Saturday. Probably somewhere where they filmed the BEACH movie. Ian seem to know lots about the place.. and given us pretty good advice on what do and don't or anything about this place.

Well, besides Ian and Richard, we meet 3 Argentinian guys, an Aussie family, a Chinese couple from China, and.. well thats about it.. there were lots of tourist here... According to the local, this is the time where many tourist are come from China. And here I am.. being a tourist myself.. geez thats doesn't sound quite like myself.. hahaha. I'm used to be the local one... now paying tips to the masseur or the guy who maneuver our canoe feels like... I have lots of money to give out for tips. Hahahaha... me so poor lah my friend!

And one more thing.. when you're on holiday.. stay away from the working life topic k. hahaha.. Thank God Richard seem to have the same opinion! Once Ian and TZ talks about their works... Its put me in my semi-depression state as to my uncertain future. If people asked me what I do for living, should I say I "was" a Consultant? or.. I'm not working at this moment? hahaha.. maybe I should ask around here if they are hiring? working in a resort will be like they paying me to have an holiday? nice huh?

Ok. thats all fro now. have a bless weekend!

Its raining here this morning... But that ain't stoping us from having fun!!!

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