Friday, September 21, 2007, myself and I

Sorry for no posting lately.

It just that, I do not know what I should write these days. Ah.. the story of my life.. everything is uncertain..can't really decide.

26 Sept. 2007 will be my last day working here. And yes, I did meet Bryan of the Boston Asset Management Company. Very nice, friendly and supportive. The only problem is, the position that they have which is suitable for me would only available in 2-3 months time.. or even 6 months! So.. there's no hope for me for now with the Company.

And out of the blue, yesterday I received a call, asking me to come for an interview! I was trying to take a nap after work that time, as I only had 4 hours sleep that night. In my drowsy state... I entertained the caller as best as I could... surprisingly, he said my "Sarawakian English" is very good? hahaha... my oh my.. I should speak on the phone when I'm half asleep than next time. Well, we make an appointment to meet up this Saturday... although I told him, I'll be available after the 26th.. Sounds like he can't hardly wait to meet me in person. ;p To be honest.. I'm not that keen.. But, if this is an opportunity that God open for me... I should go than.

Well, there's something else looking forward to! the day that I leave this place... William's 7th Birthday on the 27th! My 1st ever holiday away to an Island with my buddy!! yay! and after that??? nothing solid plan... But one thing for sure.. my status would be "unemployed" or "student" who knows. I am soo grateful for friends and family I have around me. They are very supporting and helpful... not to mentioned that they're praying for me! I am soo bless!!

Oh man... I'm yap yaping all about myself, am I? This is me.. my head and whats inside of it, and my everyday life... and this is my blog!! hahahaha...

Yipee!!! its Friday!.. and after 26th.. everyday will be my weekend!!

Have a good weekend you all!


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