Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blogging in Phi Phi Island

Happy Sunday!!

Its really beautiful morning here in Phi Phi Island. The weather is really nice and hope its stay like this till afternoon, We're about to jalan2 in Long Island, a walking distance from here. According to Ian, its quite an adventures path...

Yesterday, we took a boat/cruise trip to the Maya beach where they make the movie "The Beach".. the view from the beach is axactly I remember from the movie. But it was raining when we were there. We had to use a very narrow and dangerous tunnel on the shore to get to the Mya Beach, which is on the other side. Its freaking beautiful!! the Island and the beach and the Sea here is sooo breathtakingly beautiful! Don't know any place could be more beautiful these places. My first experience snorkeling? hahahaha... isn't as great as I thought. I think, I was a bit panic, when the sea water start to get inside of my mask, and the breathing techique thru the mought is a bit difficult! I drank quite a lot of salty water... very tasty.. yeah right.

Well, I figured, snorkeling is my kind of thing! hahaha.. but before I got paniced and given up on snorkeling, I did see colorful fish and coral underneath.. Its really beautiful. How I wish I can watch them more longer... maybe a bit of practise will do the trick. What can I say? Its my first time la... hehehe

Anyway, I also figured that I love canoeing!.. althought I did fall (once I must say) from the caneo, its pretty hard to get back on top of it. With great afford, I manage to climb back in. Bravo to me! hehehe. And manuevering the caneo is a bit tricky too... you paddle to the left, the caneo will shift to the right... sort of like that. Its fun!!... I can see the carol sea from the caneo! scary and beautiful. Its beautiful and at the same time scary, coz I know some are deadly dangerous...better left them alone.

Oh yes, I found the Thai Manggo sticky rice! nyum nyum! and yesterday, I had lobster for dinner, which is cost at 1000 baht! Thanks for te Dinner TZ! today, Ian suggested to have dinner togather for our last night here. How sweet huh? Its more fun to have friend in this stanger Island... Its feels like a relief once you see a familiar face when you're far away from home.

Hey for more pictures... look at my travelling buddy blog TZ! its nearly 12 noon now, we better make a move or we wont be going anywhere at all!


Bxnjamin said... best la your vacation. Enjoy yourself mate.

Musa said...

Thanks mate!.. ;)


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