Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back in Patong Beach

leaving Phi Phi Island is a bit hard yesterday. I nearly had a seasick. But I'm suffering tummy pain since than. I had a major wind bubling up in my stomach. regardsless the tummy massage that the messeur gave me, its only for awhile. After that... its back again. I do not know what to do... everytime I start to put in food, my tummy start to rumble, I'll be burbping non stop!... and I will be sweating as if its really hot. God... please help. I don't think it will be a pleasent journey back today if I still have this wind in my stomach. Its 10.30am now. We will be leaving Patong beach at 1pm... my buddy is out to shop for survinior, and I cant follow him. I'm afraid I'll pass out in the middle of Patong beach... hahaha. Its like my body is outo responding for leave this beatiful place! yeah right! ...

ok.. back to my room now.. lying down abit and resting.. hoping this stupid wind will just go away, and give me a peace of mind.

Aww... the hotel staff here are soo sweet. They noticed that I'm sweating like hell.. they turn on the fan! Isn't that nice? Kap kun Kap!


Ryan said...

aww if i was there i would take care of ya!

s.m.t said...

Musa, sorry.. I totally forgotten your invitation today till I read TZ's blog! Haiya! Nvmd, next time can catch up with u guys at TBIC.. Happy Raya!

P/S: I forgot to reply your sms too. Darn BZ..


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