Thursday, September 13, 2007

Miri? my promising land?

As the days approaching to the month-end, 70% certainty that my days in Kuala Lumpur is numbered. 30% holds the chances or a reason for me to stay back. If Miri is my promising land... than, I would have no choice to pack up and fly. And there will be no turning back... no backing of. In the mean time, I have to call and meet up with Bryan from the Boston company. And he might be my 30% reason to stay back.

I probably have millions of reasons to stay back.. family, friends and TBIC!!.. I cannot imagine my life without families and friends here... and start over again..


TZ said...

Hey dude, that's give me a reason to visit Sarawak... hehehe... :-)

sbanboy said...

Will pray for God's will to be done :)

Todd Nelson said...

We pray YOU STAY! :-)

Ps Todd


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