Thursday, August 02, 2007

Setting-a-booth Day

Today, I was assigned along with Yap to help setting up booth for our Thailand strategic partner... I was sweating so much as we setting up the "kangaroo".

Here's the booth's looks like when we arived there.
And this is After...3 hours?.. yeah somewhere around that.. look very presentable.

Me...after all the sweating and hard work.. still looks FAT! ;p
Cheerfull Apple as we finished!!

Ms. White and Ms. Apple posing infront of their booth.. gearing up for tommorow ladies!
Ok, thats it for today... so lazy to write, so... hope you enjoy the pictures!.
P.S: if you happen to be around "here" tomorrow .. do drop by and see what the Thai's business have to offer!


TZ said...

If you happen to be around PWTC... dropped by and meet Musa :-p

I did setup booth before for promoting my apps... it's not easy :-) I did it in a conference @ San Diego.

clement said...

wad kinda stuff do you promote?

Musa said...

TZ... promoting me plak? Anyway, its fun working with these pretty Thai laddies. ;)

Clement, wide range of stuff.. from restaurants business, beauty, spa.. etc. Go drop by for a visit yourself.


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