Wednesday, August 01, 2007

At a crossroad

I made the necessary contact...
Now, its waiting time...
Will let you know if my days in Kuala Lumpur are numbered.
To begin a new life in West Papua...
Time to wait...
Time to see...
All in His hands...

Remembering what Al Pacino says in "Scent of Women" movie..
"...Now I have come to the crossroads in my life.
I always knew what the right path was.
Without exception,
I knew, but I never took it.
You know why?
It was too damn hard.
Now here's Charlie.
He's come to the crossroads.
He has chosen a path.
It's the right path.
It's a path made of principle... that leads to character.
Let him continue on his journey.
You hold this boy's future in your hands, Committee.
It's a valuable future, believe me.
Don't destroy it.
Protect it.
Embrace it.
It's gonna make you proud one day,
I promise you..."


Anonymous said...

wah, dalamnya maksud awak..apakah maksudnya? jalan kah? ada persimpangan? apa simpang tu?

TZ said...

hey buddy, understand the decision is difficult... but if this is a right position with good prospect ... i think you should go ahead.

I know your KL friends will miss you but with the technology and transportation... it is not difficult to meet your friends in KL or maybe we could plan vacation in West Pupua... never been there... :-p

Musa said...

thanks buddy!
nothing is confirm yet... Its very secluded place. have to take helicopter to get there... will see how ...

TZ said...

hey, find out do they have internet access ... otherwise you could only communicate to Chiko (the real one)... :-p

Musa said...

of course they have... how do you think I make the contact? your chiko? ;p lol


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