Monday, August 06, 2007

My General knowledge is suck!

Last Saturday, I sat for my 6th PTD exam! yes... my 6th times people!!! and statistically, I have passed 2 out of 5 sitting!..which is a 40% passing rate. And if include the 6th time, I confidently say, my passing rate will drop down to 33%. Yes, I think I flunk this time again. Its pretty obvious to me when I can't answers a lot of questions and I choose the wrong essay topic!!

Questions like;
The guy who replace Kofi Anan in PBB, where he come from?
Uber Cup is for which games? (its for Badminton, I answered TENIS!!)
Samad something.. play in what sport? Won what medal? in which event?
What type of fat will burn when you do exercise?
Who have the power to suspense this ministry?
Who can give pardon to death penalty? (beside Agong? Other King can meh?)
Mr. nobody is the Malaysia Book of record holder for breaking the 200m run in which game? (its soo encient!! how would I know?)

These are a few questions that I can recall which I do not know the answer!!! how to pass? This surely prove that my general knowledge are suck! I totally wasted my whole Saturday sitting for this exam and knowing that I'm going to fail!!

Anyway, I had a really nice dinner at this Korean Stone BBQ Waterfront Ampang with Mr. TZ! its only cost us RM20 per person for a buffets style, eat all you can, and cook them for yourself. They have two cooking stove provided to one table, where you can cook the BBQ stone and a dim sum style of soup. I was really full... but I don't think that we eat that much. By midnight, I become hungry again! sooo funny! Hey TZ, thanks for that Saturday!! did you manage to go again last Sunday with your parent? I told my Korean brothers about the place, and we are planning to go there someday!!! If you bring someone who can eat much seafood, meat etc.. sure you feels its worth your RM20.


TZ said...

Hey dude, i did not go back on Sunday... maybe next week then. When are you going to bring your Korean Bro? Wanted to join your guys to go too :-)

Are you planning to invite Immanuel too?

Anonymous said...

next time invite me three lah? Apalah kawan - pergi dua-dua orang sahaja..hehe

Bxnjamin said...

hey i took the exam as well haha. i think my international general knowledge is OK lah. Like the kofi annan thing, i know the new dude is korean, but i dunno his name :p. But questions about malaysian law, ministries, dept etc...NO IDEA!

anyhows all the best anyway haha

Musa said...

TZ, Immanuel, next time we go ramai2 can?

Benjamin... I know I screw up.. dont even bother to know this sort of thing. Yeah, someone told me the guy is from Korean. You're right.. The law and ministries thing...I don't have a clue!! just simply shoot one. ;p

All the best to you too!


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