Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Accessorize-ing my blog

I had a freaking loooonng meeting with this big people of a "listed" company yesterday. The meeting started from 10am and finish by 7pm!!! not to mentioned its in Shah Alam area! I think, my butt is flat as the chair for sitting in a such loooong discussion. To make thing worst.. its not finish yet!!! arh!!.. schedule another similar meeting next Wednesday!!! sure I'll be late for the last Alpha next week.

Surprisingly no one call or sms me yesterday.. not even TZ! no one seem to be missing me ;p TZ, I didn't jog again yesterday!!! I know.. its just an excuse. But seriously I plan to. By the time I reach home, Its already 9pm! how? jog in the dark? hahaha.. Today, we have alpha, so.. hope I can go jogging on Thursday. I just got e-mail from Immanuel that we'll be having our practice on Friday.. so, Friday is taken... Saturday, I'm planning to see my sick cousin Jeniffer at PJ... Last I called, she have another eight Radiotherapy session to go!! way to go Jeniffer!

I added a corner banner on my blog, which says... "As for me and my blog, we will serve the lord".. thanks to the Christian women Online magazine!.. Love it!

which explain my blog value increase... see?

My blog is worth $28,791.54.
How much is your blog worth?

not bad huh? if I sell my blog, I would get nearly rm100k!! anyone? ;p


TZ said...

Wow! A F2F meeting eh! ... this what i meant F2F meeting ... whole day! And for me is not a single day, it's at least a week :-)

hehehe... someone feeling lonely after no one call/text him... hehehe...

Anyway, i found an alternative to counter your excuses... Since you are not able to jog after dark... i have some workout exercise suggestion that you could do at anytime. Let me introduce to our friend "Push up" and "Sit up" for 50 reps. So no more excuses eh! Start today after your Alpha eh!

Musa said...

Mr. push up an Mr. Sit up? ayo.. sounds like my friend Mr. Loh!! ;p

Anonymous said...

Sit up will be perfect for your abdomen...how about learning some breathing techniques from me which will help building 6 packs on your stomach? Sound great?

I hope you are all gear up for this Friday night and hope you can sing harmony for me!

Musa said...

I'll do my best buddy...


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