Monday, July 30, 2007

Sleepy monday update

Its been nearly 4 weeks they've been away... I kinda miss seeing them, miss the sight of them... the sounds of their voice... They haven't have a date to confirm their return back to KL... must be having lots of fun with their granma there.

Last Sunday, I lost a parking ticket! which I end up paying RM30!! Ayooo.. so clumsy of me!! being not use to drive a car around, this makes me sooo careless. Where I put such a small yet costly little piece of parking card!!! Anyway, whats done is done... ain't want to make it a big deal! just desepointed at myself..

Sean suggested that we'll going to watch Die Hard 4.0 movie this Tuesday, so... this is a good excuse for me to skip my jog... sooo lazy to jog these days.. hardly go for jogging! yeah.. I know.. It doesn't help my mission proving how wrong TZ's teory/prediction at all! hahaha... let him win? hey... I still have 2 more months before my freezing period is end. Anyway, who like to join us? Immanuel? TZ told me that he'll be busy the whole week having evening meetings... I heard that Die Hard 4.0 is better than Transformers... let see how lah


TZ said...

Hey dude, next time you lost the ticket... just go and get another one from the machine :>

Hey man, regarding the jogging... dude, keep up the momentum ... you lost to me does not bring you good... I rather not winning.

Going for movie on Tuesday... could not make it lah! need to pick up my mom from painting class tonite ... enjoy yourself eh!

Musa said...

can do like that meh? thanks, I keep that in mind.

Monster Boo said...

Die hard 4 better than Transformer...? Yeah, right.. Detective John McClane must be daydreaming again- Optimus prime

Musa said...

hem.. different ppl have different opinion... so, we'll see tonight..

Jian said...

Hmm, haven't really catch die hard yet, but for a good laugh bro.. pls do check out the simpsons movie. :)


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