Thursday, August 09, 2007

You read my blog??

I do not know what to write anymore..

Its seems like everyone that I know.. around me seems to read my blog.. its like, they know what I'm thinking. There's practically no question to ask me... they already know it. And most of the time, its always a "leading" questions.. just to confirm of what I write here.

I feel soo naked.. My mind... my whereabout... everyone seems to know the answer!! My brother Chris suddenly called me Darren Zeger, and my only fear is he found my "on-line dating" profile? ;p .. or, he been reading my blog.. I asked him yesterday whether he reads my blog, and he confirm it! Another silent reader of my blog ;)

I was thinking... did I write something bad about my friends? Did I reveal to much information, as the term "too much information" goes.. what are their perception on me? my gibrish english, my faul mouth, my crazy way of thinking.. my silly head.... these questions send a sudden panic rush to the same concern head!! Yeah.. this the crazy me again.

Anyway, one good thing about they visiting my blog is that, they might found useful informations that they might want to try it themselves. Its like I'm doing a free promotions to these places I went.. to these people I meet.. etc. By right, I should be paid at, or get a free dinning at their restaurants and write about it. Am I right or am I right? Like this post I recently wrote about this Korean Stone BBQ at Ampang Waterfront. Where you can EAT ALL YOU CAN BUFFET for RM20 per head ONLY... this sort of thing. Next thing you know, everyone is heading to the place... Even, Ian planning to pay them a visit with me! he told me so when we share teksi back home last night.

Anyway, just to irritates TZ back, who keeps asking me did you jog today? did you do push up? .. I am not going .. coz I'm going to watch Rush Hour 3 tonight with Feiji... hehehe...

As Immanuel gives a peak preview and practice few songs that he's going to sing this Sunday, I feels soo excited and looking forward to it as he choose pretty nice songs... I love it all.. its kinda challenge my singing capabilities. As we going to have our practice this Friday, I know I would be learning a lot from these talented people. I'm starting to think that, regardless of being talent-less like me, these all musician and artist's abilities can be pick-up with lots and lots of practice. Not that I want to be a professional at it, It will be enough for me to be able singing in harmony correctly and produce such beautiful sounds for my ears and to HIS. It will be enough.


Anonymous said...

wah you know 'scary' also kah? I tot u write all these while with no fear at all haha....sometimes I do feel too naked as well but it the way we bring fun to the ourselves, no hypocrisy involve...tell what true in our eyes, our perspective as shenigangs and true bloggers...who people hate and some love and the list can go on and on..but think positively like..i have visitor from about that!

We befriend with other bloggers...but of course I am not as kewl as you-lah...some more you people meet f2f....haha

about the songs, I don't know what to say...there were many songs in my head before I decided to choose those...i even ask god what he has in store for me..but this morning, singing as per the CD, I think my voice can surely crack for majesty and fall in this place maybe we sing in

so can't wait to see you guys tomro evening for the rehearsal...

Musa said...

not scary.. just paranoid! ;p

TZ said...

hey dude, jogging and push up! ... hello... 80-20 :-p

Anyway, i bet you have a good time tonite watching Rush Hour 3.

Both Immanuel and you feeling naked ah! ... so shy meh! blogging only meh! :->

Anonymous said...

Blog + Naked = Freedom

What say you guys! Lol

TZ said...

hey dude, i'm confuse lah!

Musa said...

Lord... give me patient.. tie my hand, because I want to strangle TZ.. I know its not right... he just irritates me with his 80-20.

hi TZ, er.. did I pray out load? hehehe... oh the Rush Hour 3, it was good.. we had really good laugh. It was really hilarious. I recommend it to all..

Blog + naked? = embarrassment ler.. ;p


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