Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Rambling

Its Friday!!! I love Friday....Friday! Friday! Friday!
*bouncing up and down like tigger... bounce! bounce! bounce!*

Tomorrow, its the ALPHA WEEKEND!! and we'll be at AWANA Genting!!
Its like going for a holiday... staying in a hotel room.. up up on the natural cold nature with a breathtaking of golf course (hahaha).. and the best part is, with His people.. people who are doing a good thing.. and I am hoping to witness His power!! Man.. I am excited!

... will be continue... ;p work work work!

1 comment:

TZ said...

hey dude, bouncing ... be-careful of the ceiling :-p

hurray! I love Friday too... it's party but today i would need to drive back to KL. :-> Back to my lovely city.

BTW, are you sure Genting is cold... don't disappoint when you reach there. They provide fan in the room :-> Moreover, breathing fresh air ... i would say a little bit better than KL. But no doubt it is a place to relax and take some break... nice place to have team building too.


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