Friday, July 20, 2007

Meeting a Thai Blogger

Last week, I had the privileges to meet a fellow blogger from Thailand. Her name is Ms. White. Isn't she a cutie? hehehe.. I requested her to have picture taken both of us, but never got the chances. So, this is her solo picture that I took..

Well, at first, I didn't know that she blog.. but every time we have lunch, she takes picture of the food that we takes. She said, she collecting and information, on how much the cost of foods here in Kuala Lumpur. When we were traveling, she takes more pictures... may it be the Petrol station, the Fish Manhattan restaurant or just the street vendor.... so my colleague, Mahathir asked her.. does she put those pictures in her blog? And thats how we know that she blog!! thanks Mahathir! ;p unless, I wouldn't have known.

Her blog is called : Me.. Myself... My Area

if noticed, her last post is dated way back April.. She said, she was busy the whole time finishing her MBA.. hope she do more updates for us all about the exotic land...

As few of you known.. I was on MC (again!) yesterday.. I slept the whole day, and catch up some movies... Today, feeling lots better...still recovering. Decide not to go for The NEW COMMUINITY movie outings.. wouldn't want spread my flue.. ;p better take more rest..

Hey Wynmen... hope you get well soon too!!
Seem like its a sick week for most people.


TZ said...

hey buddy, get well soon... :-)
I'm going to Fitness First Maxis tonite.

Musa said...

Have fun!
give me a ring when you free, b4 u go to Penang.. hardly meet these days.

Anonymous said...

stop smoking
no cold water
jog, and sweat
listen to ME!!!!!!

Musa said...

I'm not a smoker... ;p
We need cold water...
I cant jog when I'm sick..
hehehe.. thanks bro. I know you're concern of my health.

TZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sbanboy said...

Well I am still sick and finally started on anti biotics

Monster Boo said...

Yo, sarawakian native..hehe You're welcome...

Musa said...

aw kid... wish a speedy recovery!


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