Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Noughty Wednesday return: Slutty looks

On the left is our lovely Sophie posing her cheerful-plus-slutty pose with our super-slutty-looks of the day Ms.. Marry.

When I got the cd copy of the pictures from my sister the other day, and when I browse them thru, I remember I took this picture. What makes us crack up looking at this picture is the black dress our-slutty-looks, Marry here wear somehow flass back the camera's flashes especially on the breast. click on the picture if for more "enhancements".

Gosh.. If Mary knows about this.. she'll probably kill me!! hehehe am bad.. super bad boy!

Am still feels sleepy and tired, trying to find something to amuse me here.. hehehe.

Updated!~~~~~Niece Stacey and sis. Mag.. not slutty enough?

Hem.. you can guess.. who's look is the most slutty-est! grr... baybeh!

Kelabit traditional dresses!


Anonymous said...

you absolutely very naughty..naughty (mil times) boys...but she is gorgeous as her!

Musa said...

hahaha... I know I am.. hehehe..

Yes, they're absolutely gorgeous!

I should post more gorgeous pictures.. update soon!


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