Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tagged by S.M.T

5 things found in your bag

-House keys
-water bottle
-my book (Your Money Counts by Howard Dayton)

5 things found in your purse/wallet

-Identity Card (I.C)
-Credit Cards
-ATM Card
-Driving License Card (expired on May'07!!!)
-Fitness First Member's Card

5 favourite things in your room

-My Queen size Bed
-My Ikea's Wardrobe
-My Pillow
-My mattress
-My Books

5 things you’re currently into

- Sleeping! still feels sleepy after 2 days,2 night resting
- Watching movies?
- Hangout with friends
- Going to gym!!! I need to be back in shape!
- Sleep!!

5 people you will tag

Ain't want to name anybody... just do it if you feels like it!

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