Thursday, June 14, 2007

DPDB Brother's piture with Abby

DPBB is stand for the words on my shirt ok? (in case you still wondering) It says "Detroit Phi Delta Beta" with number 4. Its sounds like a fraternity house, thats why I called it DPDB Brother! (too long to spell out the whole words) hahaha.. my own created fraternity anchor by myself! hahaha.. thats absolutely lame!

Anyway... as our lovely Abby is leaving us... *snif snif*, I took the opportunity to take a picture with her. And look how sweet she is.. I know I know.. I look like a dufes... with silly smile and big head qualified enough to be the next real-life-Shreak.. still I can't help myself to have picture taken with her. She'll be off to US for College! And with luck, we'll see her once a year?! Otherwise, its her family that going there to see her instead *snif snif*

Dear Abby... our sweet abby.. will dearly be missed.
*insert your singing..good bye for me Argentina*
Wish you all the best.. and take care..
*insert another singing.. stay the same or any sad song in your head*

I'm suck at saying goodbyes.. and farewell.

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