Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ranting entry

Isn't those puppies are cute? shhh... don't tell anyone, I stole it from this blog called Cute Overload!. hehehehe
I'm telling you... they got all cute animal picture.. Its soo cute that you want to adopt one right now.

Actually, I'm in the middle of something right now, but my head is just refuse to think! I'm having a mental block. Thats why I end up reading other people blogs.. and leaving stupid comment(s) on their blog... Oh cute puppies up there...I want to hold one in my arm right now... and Puff! Puff!.. err.. I mean, wolf! wolf! *wink* Damn! they're very white and puffy and arrh...I really wants to hold them!! don't you?

My sister Eliz, have 3 cats, Tiger, Sherar, and Venus. Tiger is the chubbiest, and Venus is the one that I love to play with. No matter how many scratches I got after having a fight with her.. she's the most adorable-irresistible cat you ever seen! not irresistible to eat!.. you just want to cuddle them or have a "friendly" fight with 'em. Hehehe... a few claw scratches wouldn't stop me. Sometimes, I think Venus is a bit of Identity-confused, because she fight like a dog! she bit your hands.. like a dog.. you know..

Oh well.. I rants enough for today.. Back to whatever I suppose to do! hehehe...


Qumang said...

Arghhhhh! So cute! Give it to me one of it puh-lease!


Musa said...

I know...hehehe

but not mine to give-lah.

btw, I already had your blog in my blogroling list. thanks for dropping by.


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