Monday, April 30, 2007

Cousin Update

Its been awhile I didn't update you guys with my cousin Jenifer Wong condition.

As per today, she went through 3 sessions of Chemotherapy, and have been making a regular visits to the hospital and have injection. Today she going for her regular visits. Her conditions looks deteriorating everyday because of the effect of the Chemo. She have a very bad ulcer in her throat which prevent her from taking food and she looks very pale and weak. I try to cheer her up every time I return home. I really pity her mother... she try to satisfy her daughter's need and requested. Sometimes, she The pain is too much and she cries like a kid... I don't know what to do... her mom become the person she blame for everything that went wrong... for things that doesn't go as what she wanted. On some "good" days.. she chatted really animated and very enthusiastic. Sometimes, you just wish that she save the energy for the "pain moment".. but what can we do? Its a way she wants to forget about the pains.

I asked her to take a picture, but she wouldn't allow it. She is totally bold now and loss a lot of weight. The day when she suppose to have her 3rd Chemo, she loss 6kg in 1 week! So her Doctor decide to postpone it to another date. On the good news, her tumor is shrinking. Praise the Lord!
Thank you for your prayer my friend....

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