Friday, April 13, 2007

Movie Classic what?

Another Poll test.. which means... I'm too lazy to type! don't blame me... I'm just a guy- an ordinary guy.
I have no idea what this Raiders of the Lost Ark is ... isn't that say something about me? like.... you know.. Yes!.. that I am still young? Right? *ROTFL* hahaha
I always get this response from these ehem.. "senior" people (you don't refer to old people as an old people.. they're "senior", where's your manner!).. when I sing along these cool 70s 80s and 90s songs..

"how on earth you know that song?
"These were my song, my time.. you're too young to know these kind of songs"
I know! I am YOUNG!! hehehe forever young!
Feels good to be young... feels old makes me all crappy and "a deserted island" attitude.

Anyway, the cover of this movie looks like the Indiana Jones* something movie. Yes? I remember bits and peace of this old movies... I'm a movie maniac! but cant decently remember the tittle!

What Classic Movie Are You?
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Wow...I kinda like that sounds.. "live for adventure!". The only problem is... I don't get adventure pretty much in this cubicle office space! hehe

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TZ said...

hey dude, i'm going to Danum Valley for my jungle adventure... hehehe... starting tomorrow afternoon :->

Just finished the water adventure (snorkerling :-p) @ Mabul-Sipadan...

Wish my luck dude, i'm not a jungle adventure guy...


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