Friday, April 13, 2007


Dear Jenny Taylor and Scooter McGavin,

Thank you for bidding to Rent my Blog. I was trying to accept your guys bid, but the massage says..."an error occurred", even when I try and try to accept your guys bid a zelion times, still the same massage appeared.

I would love to have your guys' blog as my tenant.. but this is out of my control. But this I can do... I will have your link in my blog rolling list, since you guys have been dare enough to bid. I'll try again to open my Vacant room for you guys to rent in. Cheers!


chase said...

I tried doing that before but I dunno it doesnt work for me either

Musa said...

probably BlogExplotion is having a problem.

Yo chef, would you cook me dinner? *wink*

Jenny said...

I think it's BE. They did move afterall. It's ok tho. It's not your fault. *hug*


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