Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Please Pray for my friend

I wasn't planning to blog this week. But I just received this news and I need your support, your prayer support for my cousin.

My sister called my office today, and she told me about the news.
She said, "boy, did you know Layun's daughter? The one that work in Maybank?"
and I know instantly who she referring to, and I have this butterfly feeling inside me. Like I'm about to get a bad news.
I said, "yes, Chaow Long. Why?"
She said, "I just talk to Dad, he said Layun's daughter is diagnose with cancer. Lung Cancer!".
OMG! OMG!... "how bad is it?"
my sister replied "Layun pretty upset, and they are sending her to KL to have the kimo, they don't have it at Kuching. They're all praying for her back home." I was speechless. "call her, ask where they'll send her, and when". She continued.

After I hang up with my sister, I straight away called my cousin. You see, my cousin Jenifer Chow long , we were classmate during high school, and we become a good friend. Last year, we promise to meet on Christmas, but she got promoted and don't have a long holiday to go back home.
Now, back to the call, I said "hello, chow long? is that you?", I hear a gentle voice as if nothing had happened to her "Musa? is that you?",
" Yeah, its me-boy. How are you?" I didn't know what to say... Of course she is not fine! why on earth I asked that?
Still she replied me, "Musa, I'm not good",
quickly I said. "I just heard from my sister, are you ok?" there you go again... why am I sooo bloody fool to ask such stupid question?!! God Help me...
"Yeah, Well, my boss and mom are here with me now. Don't you worry." she said this in most calm and gentle voice. Then she said, "Musa, we were planning to have Christmas together...",
I cut her quickly said "Yes, we will have Christmas together. Be strong there ok? I'll pray for you." I broke down , but trying to have a control normal voice. Be strong! She needs someone strong now.. not a cry baby!

After a moment of awkward silence, she asked me "would you like to speak to mom?",
"yeah, sure". I heard her mother from the other side
"hello" she greet.
"hai Layun, Boy here, how are you?".
"oh Boy, you still in KL?" she asked.
"Yes, I'm still in KL. When did you arrived there? Kuching."
she replied,"reach here on Saturday, boy we're going to KL this Friday, Chow Long is having Lung Cancer! I'm so worried for her. You know what she said when she get the result? She said, O mom, I just got my result, maybe this is the way I should go! How can she speak something like that? Boy, please pray for her." I cant help it anymore, I can't hold back anymore.. Why ? Why her God? She been live obediently to pleased you, she paid her tide! God please don't let this end like this...
"You be strong for here there ok? I will pray for her. We will see you soon. Where's the hospital they send her?" I said all this with difficulty. knowing what possibility laying ahead of us.
"Its at Nilai Hospital, near seremban. they only have the facilities there.""ok no worry, we'll see each other soon. Take care yea?"
"ok, bye"

As soon as I hang up, I broke down.. I was alone in the meeting room. Purposely for I know I cant hold back. And I remember of what I have promise.. to pray for her..

"Father in heaven, You know my worries. I pray for my cousin and friend- Jenifer Wong Chow Long for healing Lord. Get rid of every cancer cell in her body Lord. Please Lord, I beg you.. Don't let her down. She been faithful to you Lord. You're are our Lord and our Savior. I believe in You for nothing is impossible. Send your angels above to protect her and care for her Lord. Please Lord, dont let her suffer. Give her healing Lord. Please... In Jesus name, I pray, Amen"

And with this, I ask you, dear reader.. find it in your heart and pray for my cousin and friend. She's is just 27 years old like myself. She needs your prayer now..

And I thank you in advance...


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Jesus,

Here I am lifting Musa's cousin and friend Jeniffer into your hands. I pray that You will bring strength in their family and pray by your healing power all the cancer cells in her lung will be overcome and cleansed that your name will continually be glorified. In moment like this, I pray again that you will provide her comfort. In all the difficulty she might encounter, you assist her. May her faith in you be as strong as rock regardless and those surround her will see the wonders of your love, grace and mercy falls on her. Lord, let there be great healing to this family. Show your great mercy. Pour it now onto her and her family. I pray in Jesus mighty names that she will be healed by you. Amen.

Note: Be strong Musa.

Musa said...

thank you Immanuel. thats a beautiful prayer. I really appreciate it. God Bless you.

Blue Panther said...

My best wishes for you friend. I hope she gets well soon!

Musa said...

thanks Blue Panther.


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