Friday, March 30, 2007

Full House!

For the first time EVER, my little flat is being fully occupied with relatives!! there's my cousin Jen who's also my co-tenant, cousin Ching + her cousin, cousin Jen + her mother, and my niece Stacey! That is 7 people (including myself) in my little 2+1 bedroom! Hem.. I just noticed that I'm the only guy! 1 guy with 6 ladies under one roof! I'm like the host.. thats remind me, buy 10KG of rice to feed my household.

To host such big number of guests in my house, I have to sacrifice my own privacy, which I wouldn't mind at all.. Being brought up in a super big family, I am so used to have people around me. Its a blessing! *Thank You Father*. And another sacrifice is my big queen size bed... my dear comfy bed. I have to share you with my sick cousin Jen, so she feels a bit of comforts during this recovery. And I would bunk in the small guest single-bed-room ; (

I know they would kind enuf to refuse my offer, but what would that make me? heartless hot stud? *wink* I must tend to others need first, right? I know my mama is soo proud of me right now... hahaha.. I'm mama's boy!! hehehe...

Oh, my mom did called me last week for the 2nd time using her "new" mobile phone that my sister gave on Christmas. My dad never called me, he just miss-called me an expect me to call him back. But my mom... she just called me right away. Hehehe.. my mom is soo selfless.. me love my mama.

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