Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Naughty Monday.. the man in my Camera!

Nephew Jared...I'm not a boy... not yet a man *singing*

My Brother-in-law-The Steal Man. Thats his name (for real!).. well, thats what's his name, in English.

Cousin's nephew-Jayren. Always warm & cheerful whenever I meet him... cheers dude!

The Biggest and loudest (when sleeping) nephew-Julian. He said girls can't resist him... *confuse look*.. what does girls see in him that I don't have? ;p hehehe.. cool dude!

LunbawangFillippino nephew-Keith. He sucked in his cheek when I took this picture. He wanna looks slimmer on the face.. Hahahaha... Yeah dude! you do look slimmer on the face!.. chill my man!

Nephew-Jonathan...This is his famine side looks... Scary dude! Now now... this kid is the most-supper- sensitive man/boy... beware girls! he's going to break your heart! Oh yeah, he dated this older girl... whats with kids these days? cant they just settle with their own age? ...

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