Friday, December 29, 2006

2 days in KL.. I am soo miserably homesick!

I have tons of pictures that I took back home... and I choose this for my opening! hehehe..*smirk*

I had wonderful time backhome.. and being back in Kuala Lumpur to my lonely flat seems sooo depressing and sad!. I kinda miss hearing the sounds of my nephew's (loud) snores in my empty room.. I kinda miss waking up freaking early to get ready to have Kolo-mee for breakfast and going to dusun durian to collect durian! tickling my nephews to wake them up... I miss soaking in the freaking cold river.. play fight and chase.... I kinda miss every small things that we do... Its just been 2 days back in KL, and I'm already Homesick! I wish I spend more time.

Oh boy... I'm sooo OLD to be homesick! but I am... It won't be the same talking and sms thru the phone! I just want to be around them.. my dad (not so much), my sisters, my brother, my in-laws, my niece and nephew!.. It will be another year before I'll see them again! how sad is that? God... I feels soo miserable right now... I though I had enough durian... But I dont!.. I loves going to kebun and search for durian with my nephew and brother in law! sounds stupid, I know.. it just something I really missing right now...

I promise to post more pictures of my trip back home next week! Happy New Year!

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